Spell Soaps: Making Magick a little easier these days

In this day and age where were swamped with long hours at work, long commutes, more stress than usual, there's no better time to add magick into your daily life. You may wonder where you'll fit in shopping for supplies, aligning with the planets, and taking hours to set up, cast and invoke, not to mention the clean up. THE LOVERS HERMETIC SUPPLY has you covered! With Spell Soaps, you can choose between the custom herbal blends of Lilac Rosemary Cleanse & Protect, Apricot Rose Love, Black Tea Ginger Money, Spearmint Mugwort Psychic Abilities, Lemongrass Coconut Sugar Money, Orange Rose Love, Basil Patchouli Money. Using 100% Essential Oils, Organic grown and dried flowers and herbs, Shea Butter, Goats Milk and Glycerin Based soaps carry oils, herbs, flowers, gold and crystals to your skin, using your will and intent as the final ingredient in these soap spells. With Spell Soaps, you're never too busy to create magick, and in the comfort of your own Bath!

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